Cuckold Goddess - The Cuckold Goddess and her submissive cumeating slave - Page 19

This mistress was feeling horny and her boyfriend had not hit it the way she wanted it to be hit. So she promised him that if he did not do it the way she wanted on round two, she would find a guy with big balls and with a big dick and she would suck them both and have him fuck the crap out of her. Her boyfriend made sure he fucked her brains out.

Veronica took a nice shower and got dressed. She was sexily dressed and showed off her big tits using a tight top. She wore suggestive make up and she looked inviting. She was reading dirty magazines and left some cuckold articles for him to read. When he saw all this and remembered it had been a long time since she had made an effort to look sexy for him and the fact that they were not in good terms, she did what she wanted to avoid her being fucked by someone else.

Princess Lacey wanted her boyfriend to buy her a certain gift she wanted. But it was expensive and he never bought it for her despite her asking numerous times. She got tired and decided to make him buy it through cuckolding him. She came with another guy and tried to make out with him and pretended to fuck him and her boyfriend could not take it. He told her to stop and she would buy it for her.

This guy had disrespected his girlfriend. He had mistaken her kindness and laid back nature for a weakness. She did not want to be taken for granted anymore so she gave him the perfect revenge. She invited another guy into their house and made out with him while her boyfriend was forced to lick the dirty soles of her sneakers. He never made the mistake of taking her for granted again.

This mistress was so mad at her boyfriend and wanted to fuck another man while he watched. But she decided against cuckolding him. So she tortured and humiliated him instead. She made him drink her pee after licking her pussy and then she made him lick her ass and lick her underwear which was full of her pussy discharge. He had no option but to lick it all and swallow.

Danielle loves having crazy sex but her boyfriend cannot match her sex drive. She grew increasingly frustrated but her boyfriend did not seem to have any solution for her. She decided to make him come up with a solution by cuckolding him. She came home with a hot stud and sucked his cock and let him fuck her great ass and tits while he watched. That forced him to get a solution.

Kate and Emma are neighbors who are hot for each other. They found out that they had lots in common besides having the hots for each other. They have loser boyfriends and wanted to show them how much of losers they are. They decided to cuckold them. They got together and made out and had great sex while they facesat on the loser boyfriends and had them lick and smell their asses in turns.

Lady Suzanne has an ass to die for. She loves to tease guys with it because she knows many can't resist it. Besides that, she likes to humiliate her husband. He is a loser and she likes to make him remember how much of a loser he is and how lucky he is to have her. She likes to take one of her flirts home and fuck him while her husband watches. She enjoys seeing him cuckolded.

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