Cuckold Goddess - The Cuckold Goddess and her submissive cumeating slave - Page 18

Miss Taylor wanted to encourage her man to be a macho guy and not the loser that he is. So she sat on him while they were relaxing on the couch in the evening. She started to video chat with a hot guy while she sat on her boyfriend and things got sexual during the chat. She wanted to make her boyfriend feel like a cuckold and do something about himself.

Courtney and Murderotica wanted to humiliate Courtney's boyfriend. So she invited him to her place and when he came, he found the two of them. They started making out and while he was amazed at what they were doing, they made him lie on the floor and facesat on him while they continued making out. They had him lick and smell their dirty asses and even farted on his face.

Ceara wanted to see to it that she had revenged on her friend. She seduced her friend's boyfriend and had crazy and passionate sex with him. She secretly filmed it and made sure that her friend was watching it in real time. She had a feed for her to watch. That was the perfect revenge even though their friendship suffered for it. She served her revenge dish the way it is supposed to be served - cold.

Princess Raquel has everything a man could wish for in woman. She has a hot body comprising of a nice ass, big tits and a pretty face. She has a nice sex drive and is freaky between the sheets. But she has a cuckold fetish where she likes to have her boyfriend watch as she is having sex with another man. It drives her wet and wild and makes her even greater in bed.

Agnetta is a mistress on a mission. She was so mad with her husband and she wanted them to divorce. She wanted to speed up the process so she got a young stud and had him fuck her on camera. She then made sure that her husband saw it. She wanted him to feel like a cuckold and then get mad and hurry up their divorce. He did it the way she had expected.

Lady Sue is a hot mistress. She knows she is hot and she likes to take advantage of that. Today she wanted to break up with her boyfriend and she knew the best way to do it. She wore sexy underwear and a bra and then trampled him. She was cruel to him and wanted to make him feel pain and be humiliated so much that he breaks up with her.

Lisa Jordan had always been nice to her boyfriend and he took it for granted. She still loved him but wanted to send a strong message to him. She masturbated while he watched because she knew he loved it. But she had her phone and was having phone sex with someone else. When he was mad and wanted her to stop and they do it together, she told him to lick her feet.

Diana wanted to break up with her boyfriend so she thought of the best way to do it and she decided she wanted him to break up with her. So she looked for a way to make him do it. She called another guy and made out with him while she forced her boyfriend to lick the soles of her dirty boots. When that was done, he broke up with her.

To make sure that her boyfriend would be a better husband, Goddess Celine put on a show for him. She made him see her all sexy in a wedding dress and what she would for him. She wore sexy lingerie and then quickly undressed and wore a funeral dress. The funeral dress was sexy and she was not sad but flirting in it. She even told him she would fuck someone on his grave.

Megan is an unsympathetic mistress. If someone wrongs her, she does not forgive or forget. She only understands the language of getting even. That is the only thing that works for her. She found this guy trying to steal her stuff and she kicked him in the balls and tortured him. She even trampled his cock and balls so that he would not be able to have sex for several weeks.

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