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cin enough money, he did not perform well in bed and she was not satisfied. So she cuckolded him and then she dumped his ass before she moved on. He had to learn from it and improve himself for someone else.

Goddess Kira wanted to show her baby daddy that she was not without options. He acted as if he was the best thing to have ever happened to her and she knew that she could do better than him if she wanted. The mistress had him go to her house and she brought another man and she entertained him as her baby daddy watched. He even watched her fuck him and then he was given the used condom they used to dispose of it. He was lucky he was not made to drink it.

Goddess Kira knew that her ex wanted to get back together with her. She made him believe that she was ok with that but in essence she was not. So she planned how she was going to have fun at his expense and she had a great time at his expense. He loved it and he thought they were back together until another man joined them and he was made to watch them fuck in ways he had never done to her before.

Mistress Honey Hudson wanted to cuckold her husband because she had found out that he was cheating on her. She did not want to dump his ass. She felt that it was more fun for her if she used him to try things like cuckold fetish which she had always wanted to try. So she pretended to be mad at him but behind the scenes she was working on how to cuckold him and she finally managed to do it.

Mistress Avril did not want her boyfriend to think that it was ok to be as stingy as he was. She had to do what needed to be done to show him that she had options. She did not care whether he would break up with her after that or not. But she had to do something. That is why she opted to cruelly cuckold her man. He saw her having fun with another man and he had to lick their feet.

Lady Rockabella was fed up with her man and she wanted to find a way to deal with him. That is why she opted to dominate him and do it by cuckolding him. She was sure that that was the best way to humiliate him and have him question his entire existence. It worked out as well as she wanted it to and she had a lot of fun in the process.

Mistress Masha wanted to dump her boyfriend but she did not want it to happen before she had cuckolded. She felt that she had to dominate him and humiliate him which is what she did. The mistress made sure that the guy watched her get banged by a guy who was better than him in every aspect before she told him he was free to go. He had never felt so small in his life.

Goddess Kiffa had had beef with her husband and it was time for her to cuckold him as punishment. He had done a lot of things she did not like and that was the genesis of her wanting to cuckold him. To make sure it was worth it, she made sure the guy she cuckolded her husband with was better endowed than her husband for it to a complete humiliation.

Lady Scarlet was not ok with her man cheating. She did not cause a scene or make a big deal out of it even though it was. She planned her revenge slowly and when she was done, she implemented it. The mistress had her man watch as she cuddled and even fucked another man. He was better endowed than him and her man had to lick their feet, serve them and even wear sissy clothes.

This mistress has a pair of big tits and a big ass. She loves to flaunt them and to use them to have all the fun she wants. That is what she was out to do today to her ex and she did not disappoint. The mistress teased him and then instead of fucking him, she cuckolded him and had him watch as she got smashed by someone else. It was humiliating for him.

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