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Goddess Harley not only fucked another man while her husband watched, but she also took his cum from a used condom and she poured it on her pussy and she then forced her husband to lick it while eating her pussy. The poor husband had no choice but to do what she had been ordered to do. It was humiliating but there was no way out for the poor husband.

Goddess Harley and her ex husband were divorced but they had sex regularly because they loved their sex and did not want to lose it even though they were not together anymore. But problems started when he tried to get her to have a threesome. She was so furious that she cuckolded him. The mistress made him watch as she fucked another man. He never brought up the threesome again.

Goddess Harley had found out that her boyfriend had cheated on her. She did not cause a scene and her boyfriend was shocked. He later realized why. She turned him into a cuckold and had him watch as she got screwed by another man. It started with phone sex and then went to actual live sex and he had to watch it happen so as to know how it felt to be cheated on.

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