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When it comes to cuckolding, mistress Maye is up there with the best. Danielle loves to cuckold and comes up with many ways of doing it. She loves to date weak men and losers because it is easy to cuckold them. She also loves to give her tips and instructions to other mistresses who want to try the cuckold fetish. It is a great way to punish errant men and she has many followers.

Danielle Maye is a very hot mistress. She likes to make sure that everything goes her way. If it does not, she reacts cruelly and makes sure whoever it is who is not doing what she wants is punished. Today it was her boyfriend. His punishment was cruel as she made him watch how she was flirting and almost having sex with another guy. She made him a cuckold and it tortured him to his soul.

Mistress Akara is a hot one. She has tits to die for and she knows it. She likes to use them to her advantage, and she did so even today. She wanted to send a message to her boyfriend that she will not be taken for granted anymore. She had a hotter guy than her boyfriend in her house and made sure her boyfriend met them and watched as they made out.

This mistress does not like how unfit her boyfriend is. She told him to do something about it but he never did. One day she brought a hot guy in their house and let him find her sucking his cock and fucking him. When he came, she made him watch and even humiliated him further by cuckolding him and making him lick her feet and suck her toes while she fucked this other guy.

Lady Vampira does not like how her husband spends money. She told him several times but he never listened. So she decided to send him a strong signal. She called a guy, they tied him up and they pierced his cock and tried to crush his balls. They inflicted major pain on him and he cried out in pain. But his cries fell on deaf ears as no one had mercy on him.

Miss Kimmy wanted to break up with her boyfriend. She thought about it and decided to use cuckold fetish. That would surely drive him up the wall and make him quit the relationship. She called another guy and they cozied up on the couch while they made her boyfriend lick her feet and suck her toes. They did not care what he felt. He broke up with her after that.

Miss Taylor is a cruel mistress. She likes to humiliate guys and her boyfriend is not spared. If he messes with her, he will incur her wrath. Her new boyfriend was flirting with girls and he thought it was ok and harmless. She did not. So she had to punish him for it. She video chatted with her boyfriend while entertaining another guy at their house. She was even on his lap.

When her boyfriend cheated on her, this mistress did not sweat it. This is because she believes in getting even. She looked for a hot stud and brought him home. She called her boyfriend and made him a cuckold. She made her boyfriend lick her smelly and sweaty feet while she made out with the guy on the couch. She wanted to send a message and she did loud and clear.

There are cuckold loving mistresses and then there is this one. She is cruel and sadistic and she combined that with her love of cuckolding and it was a brutal combination. She invited her boyfriend to her house and he found she was with another man. They were naked and they forced him to undress. They fucked while he watched and when they were done, they pissed on him and made him drink the pee.

This guy had a crush on this mistress. She tried to tell him off but he did not listen. She decided to try another way. So she stringed him along and he accompanied her to a restaurant. She was going for a date with another girl and that is where he knew she was a lesbian. But it did not stop there. She made him lick the soles of her feet as they enjoyed their date.

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